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The Single Cabel Label View
This Editor shows a single a cable from the Cable Labels - Cabel Labels Database.
Each end of the cable has fields for: Equipment, Termination, Connector and Attributes. At the end of each field is a button which provides short cuts and "local options". Short cuts to Schematic on the Fly and the Equipment Editor are also provided. The current status for each end's Equipment is also shown. The Cable Labels - Cabel Labels Database system uses a system of "Layouts" that determine which of the fields are printed on a Cabel Label and where. On the right side of the Editor is a preview of how the Cabel Label will be printed.

"Signal Type" and "Signal Flow" defines the type and direction signals flow in the cable.

Cable Identification and physical parameters such as Length and Type.

A number of general fields for any purpose.

Schematic on the Fly