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A Schematic on the Fly"® of Equipment D showing 7 levels of Equipment.
Notice how the screen is divided into 3 sections:
Inputs to Equipment D on the left side

Eg. Equipment B and H are inputs to Equipment D so they are drawn on the left side
Equipment D in the middle
Outputs from Equipment D on the right side

Eg. Equipment E and K are on the output of Equipment D so they are drawn on the right side
"Schematic on the Fly"® then repeats this process as necessary.  
Schematic on the Fly

There are a few other things of interest to note:
There are two Tool Bars at the top of the screen: the normal system one and the special local Tool Bar.
On the Right hand side of the local Tool Bar are the current settings for Fault Find Assistant.
At the bottom of the scren are the details for the currently selected item, in this case Device D.
All this without any drawing by the user.