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Revision History - Discontinued Software

Versions of the Cable Labels - Cabel Labels® Database System.
(Build is determined by the final 4 digits of the Serial Number).

4050 and below
Whilst this has been superseded by SOF2011, it is still supported and hence its details are not here as yet.
1208 - July 2002
Number Band printing fix.
1205 - May 2002
International language tests expanded
Improved detection of printers under NT/2000 Systems. NT/2000/XP Printing now very similar to 95/98/ME (Printer driver largely irrelevant for these systems).
Added Unique Check to import
Added Unique Check to copy to - single & multiple Views
Added First/Last Goto buttons to multiple view
1105 & 1107 - November 2000
Bug Fix in Find
CLDF Support - Beta
Last Record fixed
1100 - September 2000
Excel Importing
QuickView Added
Find/Goto expanded
"Jump To" expanded
Select and Tag expanded
Display of Cable Status expanded
SolutionBase® Notes
1004 - March 2000
Expanded column options
Field swapping
Add Dialog - Full CID Search
SolutionBase® Decibel Calculator
0807 - November 99
Find/Replace heavily reworked
Find/Replace in Label View
Add Dialog upgraded
Autosave expanded
SolutionBase® Blocks
622 - March 99 - Initial release of 32 Bit Database System.
Reports heavily re-worked
Get Highest Number (Cable ID)
SolutionBase® Labels
Find/Replace in columns
Basic Find
All Record Menus changed
Add Dialog - updated
303 - last of 16 bit systems
Due to major changes revision history is not relevant