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Do you have a question? if so then please email us. We'll put it here if its something many users will find useful.

Which Software Version should I buy?
As you may have noticed the only Software we list as current is "Schematic on the Fly®" 2011. This is because most users are looking for more than just basic labeling! However, if its only Labeling you need then one of our "Legacy Systems" may be suitable. Unlike "Schematic on the Fly®" these older Systems are not being updated.
Perhaps one way to decide is to check the sections: "Immediate Benefits" and "Special Solutions" which show what you are missing out on of you don't get "Schematic on the Fly®". Of course we are also available by email or phone!
Does "Schematic on the Fly®" replace my CAD system?
This is a bit tricky as "Schematic on the Fly®" works in reverse to a CAD system so it has different strengths and weaknesses when compared to CAD. Where "Schematic on the Fly®" excels is in dynamic situations or where all the standard office support is limited or non existant.