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Revision History

Versions of the Cable Labels - Cabel Labels® Database System.

W5CLDB/P - "Schematic on the Fly® 2011"
Current Build 5200 - August 2011
For a quick summary (with screen shots) of what's changed in this version, download this PDF....

Code updates.
We have been hard at work revising and rebuilding much of the code base to ensure it runs efficiently under Windows 7 without any "interesting features". The distribution is less than half the size it was and with one third the number of dll's! We have also dramatically reduced the number of third party addon's making the overall package much cleaner and simpler to install.

Signals provide “Fault Find Assistant” with greater ability to analyse and refine a “Schematic on the Fly”. Signals utilise a hierarchy approach which enables highly specific analysis (eg. only discrete AES audio) or very broad analysis (eg. any Audio). Every time a database is created a large number of default Signals are created by default.

Fault Find Assistant.
This add-on to “Schematic on the Fly” works by rejecting irrelevant equipment and cables from “Schematic on the Fly”. Configurable options include Signal Type, Equipment Lists, Source and Destination Equipment. This makes tracing Signal flow and faults much faster.

“Abbreviated Entry” is a lovely little time saver when creating large databases. Whenever the Equipment is added to a database the Termination data is also added automatically. It is also possible to define the quantity of Inputs and Outputs for each item of equipment; all Views can be set to obey the limits. Many other new fields for administration: Asset, Purchase, Maintenance, etc etc.

Schematic on the Fly
Heavily reworked and another display option (mid view) has been added. As the name suggests it provides more info than the “Near” but less than the “Far”.

Single and Multiple Views
Equipment, Signal and Termination fields are grouped together to make entry simpler. New Equipment and Signals may be automatically added to the database from within these views making database creation much faster.

In addition to the traditional “local notes” we have created a new system where the same note may be attached to more than one item. eg. The same note may refer to multiple: Cables, items of Equipment, Signals and Layouts. This is ideal for fault/calibration/test documentation and provides another way to navigate the database.

We now have an....”upside down layout”. For those who are tired of the writing always being the wrong way up, this is for you!! After the data is printed (the normal way) it is repeated “upside down” making the Cabel Label viewable from either direction.

Many more shortcuts and neat features!

W4CLDB/P - "Schematic on the Fly®"
(Current Build is determined by the final 4 digits of the Serial Number).

Current Build 4050 - August 2004
Search/Replace now on Toolbar
Cable "Arrows" now continuous
Import includes Equipment and Flow Direction
Selected item has grid reference listed
Schematic can be Zoomed
More data in Cable Info window
Equipment and Cable Finder have incremental search
More data in Cable Status pane
Jump to button for current Equipment or Cable
Tool Tips
4000 - May 2004
"Schematic on the Fly®"
Sort on the Tool Bar for easier access
Default Database System View
Tab moves between cells in Multiple Cabel Label View
SaveAs and Automatic Backups
Database Properties on Toolbar for easier access
Database Autoload Mode
Options Window heavily reworked
Database Locking
1000 entries in Browsers
Import from ACAD Delimited Files
Layouts: More alternating Options
Layouts: Bitmaps up to 128k are now permitted
Many more Local Options in the Single and Multiple Cabel Label Views
SolutionBase® - dB Calculator:
Preset Types: User, dBm, dBW, dBmV, dBV, dBU, Tables may be printed.